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Perform least-squares adjustments, coordinate geometry, and more.

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AutoGeo is a web-based software package that provides a suite of geospatial and surveying computations.

Powered by the latest web technologies, AutoGeo is available on any device with a modern web browser.



📐 Least-squares has never been easier.

No more confusing spreadsheets or file formats. AutoGeo provides a simple, intuitive interface for performing least-squares adjustments.

AutoGeo will support adjusting differential leveling, horizontal control, and 3D geodetic surveys.

💾 Open-source and free for everyone.

AutoGeo is open-source and free to use. We believe that geospatial software should be accessible to everyone.

Use AutoGeo for any purpose, including commercial use. You can read the source code on GitHub .


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Copyright © MMXXIII Jacob Wysko.
AutoGeo is released under the GNU General Public License 3. The software comes with absolutely no warranty.